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Child Identification Program

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The Child Identification Program sponsored by the Masonic Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario working with regional and national law enforcement agencies. 

The Masonic Child Identification Program uses modern, police-approved techniques to create a child identification kit for the ones you love. The kit includes photos, video, voice recordings, digital fingerprints, dental impressions, saliva swabs as well as traditional statistical information (height, weight, hair and eye colour, etc.). This information is designed to work seamlessly with Ontario's law enforcement providers. By being so compatible, the critical identifying information can be broadcast and shared more quickly than ever before to assist with the safe recovery of missing children. 

Only the Parent or Care Giver of the child will keep the identification kit.  The Masonic Child Identification Program will NEVER store or otherwise maintain any information. 

What is the Child Identification Program?
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What is in the kit that you, the parent or guardian will have?

When a kit prepared, the parent or guardian will receive a printed colour data sheet with several ID card inserts, a USB Thumb Drive storing all the digital information, and a sealed bag with the dental plate and cheek swab. All this material and information is given to the parent or guardian.

Again, No information is ever stored by the Masonic Child Identification Program 

This is a free service provided by the Masonic Grand Lodge in Ontario and your local Freemasons. All costs are paid for through various fund-raising activities which these groups hold throughout the year in your neighbourhoods.  In Ontario over 69,000 kits have been prepared free of charge.

Our goals for 2018/19

  • Our goal is to host clinics in NW Ontario, building off of the success of the first Clinic held in August 2018 together with the Dryden Police Service.

  • Raise more funds to cover the cost of kits to keep this service free for Parents and Caregivers

Sponsorship can be in the form of dollars, in-kind (e.g. event space, transportation), or to purchase a certain number of kits for children of a particular group (e.g., community or workplace). 

Contact the Team Leader to Donate or Help

Bruce Watson

(807) 323-3263

or by email:

or use the contact form

Thanks! Message sent.

We need the help of parents, our community and corporate leaders to provide this service to the people of NW Ontario.  Please consider donating. 

* receipts cannot be used for tax purposes 

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