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Committees of Western District

DDGM Advisory

The Past DDGM's continue to play a role by advising the current DDGM and committees.  Their experience is invaluable and contributes  to the success of the District


Our ancient Brethren were privileged with travel across the face of the earth to build and discover the advances in science through their Membership in the Craft.  In computer resources we will create, build, and advance knowledge via digital communications.  Our objectives are to close the distance between lodges in the District by an increase in our presence on the internet and creation of  opportunities to improve our learning and administrational tasks with I & IT.   The committee manages the website,recommends technology to district lodges, and investigates questions regarding technology. The committee also facilitates digital surveys regarding district matters and provides a venue for the other committees to communicate via the web.


Masonic Lodges throughout the world have dispensed charity to poor and distressed Brethren and extended it to their widows and orphans. Charity is an essential ingredient of Masonry. It has been said that "the Masonic Way is to give without remembering and to receive without forgetting."

Projects originating in the Districts and lodges and undertaken in partnership with the Masonic Foundation play a major role in bringing Masonic charity to communities, where funds are raised locally to support projects of great significance to the residents of the community.


Prostate cancer has affected or will affect, directly or indirectly, every Mason in Ontario. The Directors of The Masonic Foundation of Ontario have committed significant multi year funding for prostate cancer research in Ontario.  Western District is supporting this project, please consider donating.


Masonic Foundation <click> 


How to Donate <click>




Brother 2 Brother is a journey of fellowship and learning. Tie these 2 things together and attendance, involvement and attitudes of men will change for the better.  It is the role of this committee to support these undertakings.


The MasoniCh.I.P. program uses modern, police-approved techniques to create a child identification kit for the ones you love.  The kit collects photos, video, voice recordings, digital fingerprints, dental impressions, saliva swabs as well as traditional statistical information (height, weight, hair and eye colour, etc.).This information is matched to work seamlessly with Ontario's law enforcement providers. By being so compatible, the critical identifying information can be broadcast and shared more quickly than ever before to assist with the safe recovery of missing children.The MasoniCh.I.P. program is brought exclusively to families by dedicated Masons and their volunteers, free of charge along with our sentiment that "We hope you never need to use it."

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