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Prior to the creation of Western District, lodges in NW Ontario were part of the Algoma District.   There were 15 lodges total in Algoma District pre-1932.  In 1932 Western District was formed and it comprised of eight lodges. The first District Deputy Grand Master RW. Bro. Earl C. Popham of Lake of the Woods Lodge was appointed by the Grand Master M.W. Bro. Herrington of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Provice of Ontario. The following is a list of the District Deputy Grandmasters of Western District. 

"In the 1930's most of Western District was accesible only by train, trail or gravel roads.  Visiting the combined lodges of the now Algoma and Western District would have been an epic journey.  The creation of Western District made it more realistic that the DDGM could make at least one visit to a lodge per year." 

List of DDGMs of Western District

2018 Colin B. McFayden

2017 Bro Robert Kitowski

2016  Mitchel J. Rogowsky

2015  Knowles E. McGill

2014  David S. Coulter

2013  W. Murray Alexander

2012  Warren O. Copeland

2011  Barry D. Jackson

2010  A. Roger MacKay

2009  Robert W. Cox

2008  Daniel W. Johnson

2007  Terry A. Dunbar

2006  John F. Whitton

2005  Philip R. Berard

2004  M. Jack Devins

2003  C. Kenneth McDonald

2002  Jeff Gould

2001  Alin M. Tibbetts

2000  Jerry J ossachuck

1999  Earl W. LaPlante

1998  Hans Wettstein

1997  Jack F. Sykes

1996  Rudy marquardt

1995  Wayne G. Pearen

1994  Arther J. Gagnon

1993  W. F. McQuaker

1992  Garde Rutter

1991  J. E. Myers 

1990  R. W. Booth

1989  A. Allin

1988  W. S. Hagarty

1987  C. W. Kacan

1986  J. L. Parrott

1985  S. D. Sanders

1984  G. E. Devins

1983  A. D. McClendon

1982  A. F. Brown

1981  R. A. Cumming

1980  Douglas B. Mackie 

1979  Robert B. Mathison     

1978   Alex Warnuk

1977  James D. Jackson  

1976  George Bremner  

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1975  Wesley H. Houston

1974  Gerald A. Fitzgerald 

1973  William A. McQuaker

1972  David W. Whitten

1971  Carl F. Schubring

1970  John K. Forbes

1969  Douglas R. Buie

1968  William B. Warner

1967  Wallace F. Piercy

1966  J. Edwin J. Fahlgren

1965  Paul Kendall

1964  Harold C. SKead

1963  Edmond A. Langstaff

1962  John A. Cox

1961  N. E. Johnson 

1960  C. C. Galloway

1959  Jack B. Fraser

1958  Victor K. Croxford

1957  Norman Charles Nuson

1956   Albert E. McGraw

1955  Michael H. Badger

1954  Alexander Barclay 

1953  William A. Smith

1952  Thomas Proudfoot   

1951  Nelson S. Marsh  

1950  J. M. Adams 

1949  George Gruchy

1948  Charles E. Letman

1947  R. A. Shields

1946  T. J. Thomas

1945   D. R. Young

1944  Alfred Pitt

1943  Alfred H. Watson

1942  Robt. Mitchell

1941  E. E. Jess

1940  Arthur G. Holland

1939  W. T. Cameron

1938  Jas. W. Douglas

1937  Cecil R. lyons

1936  Herv D. Humphreys

1935  F. H. Huffman

1934  Charles W. House

1933  Henry John Hughs 

1932  EARL C. POPHAM  

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Agoma District DDGM from Western District Lodges, Pre 1932 (link)
H.S.Cade 1929 - Dryden

W.H. Green 1926 - Sioux Lookout
A.M. Taylor 1924 - Dryden (photo)

W.A. Quibelle 1911- Dryden


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